the needs of the medium-sized truck are high, the Japanese truck maker makes a local corporation for the road circumstances of the developing country in the developing country and performs a local production.
It led to this giving the popularity of the truck of Japan. However, the purchasing layer of the expensive new car truck was limited, and a Japanese used goods truck came to attract attention more cheaply because there were many Japanese small size, voices for the medium size truck.
Because I am made firmly, I can operate enough even a used truck, and severe car inspection takes it in the developing country which there is not like Japan, and, as for the Japanese used goods truck, there is the needs that it-type, is high to some extent in a perrun and a low year.
It is a Japanese used truck purchase assessment supplier to have coped with the used truck demand for developing country.
A hyperrun, the low age type truck had bad recidivism rate in Japan, and there was not the use other than a junk car, but, in what I exported to the developing country, utility value to bring about profit was born even on these used goods trucks.
Furthermore, a purchase is carried out for a firmness car, the accident car as parts collecting of the used truck because recycling is possible.